II. Degree Requirements

Course Work

2.1 Students must complete at least 2.0 credits of course work at the graduate level (5000/6000 courses at Carleton; 5000/6000 courses at Trent), one of which is the Ph.D. Core Seminar course (Interdisciplinarity in Canadian Studies: Concepts, Theories and Methods, CDNS 6900 at Carleton; CAST 6000 at Trent); the Core Seminar will be taken in the first year of their program. Full time students must complete their course work within nine months of entering the program; part time students must complete within twenty-one months of entering the program. Incomplete standing in a course may be granted subject to the regulations in the graduate calendar of the student’s home institution.


2.2 Students must obtain at least a B+ standing or better in each course counted toward the degree to remain in the program. Courses cannot be repeated. Experience clearly indicates that students who cannot achieve this average in regular course work are unlikely to succeed in the comprehensive examinations. In computing the first year GPA all graduate level courses taken as part of the Ph.D. program are included in the calculation.


2.3 Students who fail to meet the requirements as laid out in 2.1 and 2.2 will be withdrawn from the program.


2.4 A list of available regular course offerings will be circulated to all Ph.D. students prior to the beginning of their first term of study. Registration in a course not on this list (referred to as tutorial courses at Carleton, CDNS 6901 and 6902; and reading courses at Trent, CAST 6600H) requires approval of the Director of the School or the Director of the Frost Centre. Such approval is based on a written statement indicating the course content and procedures agreed upon by the student and the instructor, and submitted to the Director of the School or the Director of the Frost Centre prior to course registration. A form for this purpose is available from the graduate program administrator of the School or the Frost Centre and must be signed by the instructor and the student. Faculty members are not obligated to agree to requests for tutorial or reading courses, and students should request such courses only if it is absolutely essential to do so.


2.5 Students whose Canadian Studies background is weak may be required to take additional courses beyond the minimum required. Any such requirements will be listed under the section “Remarks and Conditions” on the pink Statement of Standing on Admission form in the case of Carleton students, or in the offer of admission in the case of Trent students.


2.6 Students are also encouraged to take additional courses to prepare for comprehensive examinations.


2.7 There will be a maximum of $200/yr. for students to travel to the “other” university to meet with their supervisors.