1.1 The normal requirement for admission to the Ph.D. program is a master’s degree (or its equivalent) with at least high honours standing in Canadian Studies or one of the disciplines represented in the School of Canadian Studies at Carleton or the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies at Trent University (hereafter the School and the Frost Centre). Applicants should note, however, that meeting the admission requirement does not guarantee admission to the program. Review of the competitive selection process indicates that students with a Grade Point Average (GPA) below 10.0 (A-) in their master’s program are generally not recommended for admission to the doctoral program. Students applying on the basis of a master’s degree from disciplines not represented in the School or the Frost Centre will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may, if admitted, be required to take additional courses as part of their program.

1.2 Students apply to the Ph.D. program in Canadian Studies at either Carleton University or Trent University and upon successful completion of their program will receive their degree from the university to which they were admitted (hereafter their “home” university).


Selection of courses, fields and program

1.3 Before completing registration all incoming students must meet with the Director of the School or the Director of the Frost Centre, as applicable, to finalize course selection and to discuss fields and comprehensive examinations. On admission, or shortly thereafter, each student will have been assigned a program advisor from among the faculty of the School or the Frost Centre (Carleton students refer to the section “Remarks and Conditions” on the pink Statement of Standing on Admission form). New students are strongly encouraged to meet with their program advisor early in their first term of studies to further discuss their fields of concentration and comprehensive examinations.