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Northern Field Course CAST 4850Y

Please note that the Northern Field School is not being offered at this time.


CBC Radio Interview Follow up for Field Course :  July 23 2013, Dr. Allice Legat

2013 Field Course CAST

This course introduces students to contemporary northern Canada while experiencing the Northwest Territories and is a forum for experiential and reflective learning in a northern Canadian setting for students who are interested in enhancing their cross-cultural awareness and interdisciplinary skills. It is both a reflective learning course, designed to provide a framework for the student`s empirical learning experience during the field school in northern Canada. The students will integrate their own systematic observations during the field experience with scholarly readings. Students will adopt a researcher’s approach to gaining sufficient knowledge to develop a research question within their own discipline. Readings and discussions will cover topics relating to the ethno-history, history, archaeology, politics, environment, ethnography and present day activities. Students will be exposed to government and First Nations researchers, archivists, and trips on the land with Dene elders. In tutorial sessions students will deconstruct and analyze their encounters in various situations.

Northern Field School 2013

This course has several goals to:

  • provide students with knowledge of the NWT through experiencing, listening, and analyzing key material;
  • provide students with an understanding of the importance of research questions and hypothesis when gaining knowledge of any area;
  • provide students with a forum in which to share cross-cultural experiences; and
  • provide students an analytical and critical basis from which the students can interpret both their empirical observations and their personal responses and experiences


The school schedule will involve 4 weeks meeting in Edmonton and travelling north together to the field camp, which is located approximately 1 1/2 hours from Yellowknife, NWT with a later 3 presentation days in person or by Skype in Peterborough.

This course is open to any interested students, who have completed the second year of their major, and have been approved by the Chair of the Undergraduate Dept of Canadian Studies.  Students from a variety of disciplines are encouraged to participate.  Students from other universities are also invited to participate in this unique opportunity.

Northern Field School 2013

Northern Field School 2013

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