Academic Calendar 2016-2017 Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The 53rd Academic Year



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Summary of Updates to the 2016-17 Undergraduate Academic Calendar

8 September 2016

Important Dates

Student financial deadlines updated to reflect new billing processes

Board of Governors

Updated to reflect membership as of July 1, 2016

Officers & Administrative Personnel

Updated to reflect staff listings as of August 31, 2016; see also Colleges at Trent (p. 314-316)

Academic Staff

Listings have been updated in the Academic Programs section and in the directory (p. 327)



Ancient Greek & Roman Studies

AHCL 3141Hnew

AHCL 3142Hnew

AHCL-ENGL 3330Hprerequisites updated

AHCL-ENGL 3351Hprerequisites updated


Program requirementsANTH 3992H and 4992H have been added

ANTH 3950Hnew


Program requirementsANTH 3153H, 3155H, and 4500H added to Category C

Bachelor of Arts & Science

Admission requirementsupdate to language regarding direct entry and transfer students

ASCI 1000Y, 2000Y, 3000H, 4000Y"or permission of instructor" added


Specialization in Health Sciencesupdate to course requirements

BIOL 1030H and BIOM 1000H exclude each otherprerequisites updated

Business Administration

Specialization in AccountingADMN 4300H added

Specialization in NiigaaniiwinINDG 3400Y updated to 3401H and 3402H

Option in Marketingnew

ADMN 3870H$300 course fee removed

Canadian Studies

CAST-GEOG 3621Hnew

CAST-GEOG 4621Hnew

CAST-HIST 4971Hnew, description revised for 4970Y/4971H

Computing & Information Systems

COIS 3020Hnew

Cultural Studies

Program requirementscourses added to Categories A, B, C, D

Specialization category requirements have been revised in all CUST programs, including minor

English Literature

ENGL 2810Y and 2811H no longer exclude each other

ENGL 2100Yrevised title and description

Forensic Science

BScFS program requirementsupdate to note (course list)

FRSC 1100Hdescription revised

FRSC 3010Hprerequisites update

FRSC 3111Hrecommended prerequisites update

FRSC 4111Hprerequisites updated

FRSC-BIOL 4570Hprerequisites updated

Gender & Women's Studies

New program note


HIST 4650Ynow offered


JOUR 4015Cadded to project course options


MATH 2080Yenrolment restriction removed

Media Studies

CUST 3142Hcourse title adjusted

CUST 3143Hcourse title adjusted


NURS-BIOL 2270Hdescription revised


PHYS 1001Hexclusions updated

PHYS 1002Hexclusions updated

PHYS-FRSC 1020Hexclusions updated

PHYS-BIOL 1060Hexclusions updated

PHYS-COIS 2250Hprerequisite error fixed

PHYS 2091Hexclusions updated

PHYS 2093Hexclusions updated

Political Studies

POST-CAST 3092Hprerequisites updated

POST 3240Hrecommended courses updated

Social Work

Program requirementsupdate to Year 1

Applying to the Professional Yearsupdate to language regarding generalist requirements



Trent/Swansea Dual Degree

New partnership with Swansea University (United Kingdom) to complete a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree (BA) and a Single Honours Law degree (LLB)

Option in Marketing

Offered by Business Administration

Emphasis in Teacher Education

Program noteupdated language regarding courses that meet more than one requirement simultaneously

Degree Completion Programs

New pathway from Sault College into Bachelor of Education Indigenous