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Academic Calendar 2014-2015 Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The 51st Academic Year



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Summary of Changes to the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Academic Calendar

Last updated: September 2, 2014


Faculty listings have been updated to reflect recent staffing changes.

Financial Aid—new and revised award descriptions.

Colleges at Trent—new College Heads announced.

Board of Governors—updated to reflect new Board members as of July 1, 2014.

Officers and Administrative Personnel—updated to reflect staffing changes prior to September 2, 2014.



ANTH 4150H—now offered


BIOL 3040H—prerequisite change

BIOL 3900Y, 3901H, 3902H, 3903H—deleted

BIOL-FRSC 4510H—prerequisite change

BIOL 4610H—prerequisite change

BIOL 4900Y, 4901H, 4902H, 4903H—prerequisite change


Business Administration

A 70% cumulative average is required to graduate with a BBA.

ADMN 3400H—prerequisite change

ADMN 3710H—title and description change

ADMN 3870H—prerequisite change

ADMN 4710H—new

ADMN 4880H—prerequisite change

Canadian Studies

CAST 2820Y—added to Category B2

HIST-CAST 3758H—now offered

POST-CAST 4080Y—now offered

Cultural Studies

POST-CUST 3465H—prerequisite change

POST-CUST 3475H—prerequisite change



ECON 3950H—new (special topic)

ECON 3951H—new (special topic)

English Literature

ENGL 4501H—topic announced

ENGL 4601H—topic announced

Environmental & Resource Studies

Changes to single-major Honours and join-major Honours program requirements.


Forensic Science

BIOL-FRSC 4510H—prerequisite change

FRSC 2200H—designated a science credit

FRSC 4111H—designated a science credit

Gender & Women’s Studies

NURS-WMST 4208H—title and description change



HIST-CAST 3758H—now offered


Indigenous Studies

INDG 3102Y—now offered


International Development Studies

IDST-SOCI 3120H—prerequisite change

IDST 4110H—now offered

IDST 4800Y, 4801H, 4802H—new (Category C)

Media Studies

A minimum grade of 60% in CUST 1535H is required for the Honours degree.

ANTH 3748H replaces ANTH 3746H as a Media Studies course.


Modern Languages & Literatures

HSST 2501H—prerequisite change


NURS-WMST 4208H—title and description change

Political Studies

POST-CUST 3465H—prerequisite change

POST-CUST 3475H—prerequisite change

POST-CAST 4080Y—now offered


IDST-SOCI 3120H—prerequisite change

SOCI 3160H—prerequisite change

SOCI 4951H—new (special topic)

SOCI 4952H—new (special topic)