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Academic Calendar 2013-2014
Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The Fiftieth Academic Year


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Updates to 2013-2014 Undergraduate Calendar

Last updated: September 11, 2013

Policies & General Information

Academic Integrity Policy, p. 37

See the new Academic Integrity Policy, effective May 1, 2013.

Aegrotat Standing, p. 31

The examination is calculated by adding to the student’s term mark the class final examination average minus the class term-work average.

Course Withdrawals and Unpaid Student Accounts

  • p. 8: Students with outstanding financial obligations to the University will be denied access to information such as grades, official transcripts and degree certificates and will be unable to add courses.
  • p. 309: Further details, including: Education students will not have credentials recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers if a balance remains outstanding.

Protection of Personal Information, p. 6

  • Information on the collection and use of student-level enrolment-related data.
  • Disclosure of student information  for the purpose of administering student health benefit plans.

Student Accessibility Services, p. 350

The Disability Services Office (DSO) is now called Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

University Diary, p. 10-12

Language change to refund dates: see 25 September, 16 October, 6 November, and 24 January. Students receive tuition credit for courses dropped, which is applied to their student accounts. Only students billed per credit are eligible to receive any credit when a course is dropped.

November 15: Final date to request Letters of Permission for courses beginning January 2014

Withdrawal from the University and Refund of Fees, p. 25 & 307

Updated information on how to withdraw from the University and receive a refund.

Undergraduate Studies

Faculty listings have been updated to reflect recent staffing changes.

Ancient History & Classics

AHCL 3301H—title change

AHCL 3968H—new

Senior Seminar topics:

AHCL 4001H: Isauria in the Late Roman Empire

AHCL 4002H: Ancient Greece and the Modern Imagination


ANTH 2050H—designated a science credit

ANTH 2410H—prerequisite change

ANTH-AHCL 4410H—prerequisite change

Business Administration

Program requirement updates to BBA Honours program and joint-major BA or BSc Honours program.

ADMN 3560H—new

Course code changes:

ADMN 4000Y is now ADMN 4030H

ADMN 4650Y is now ADMN 3450H             

Computing & Information Systems

COIS 3040H—title change

COIS 3820H—prerequisite change

COIS 3901H—new

Cultural Studies

CUST 3015Y/3515H—new half-credit

CUST 3056Y/3556H—new half-credit

CUST 3527H—new

CUST 3528H—new


ECON 3900Y, 3901H—new


The Arts & Science Stream for Teacher Education has been renamed the Teacher Education Stream.

Emphasis in Cultural & Linguistic Anthropology

Updates to program requirements.

Emphasis in Teacher Education

Courses have been added to the eligible credits listings in Curriculum Studies and Foundational Studies.

English Literature

ENGL 3309H excludes ENGL 4301H

ENGL 4301H excludes ENGL 3308Y and ENGL 3309H

Environmental & Resource Science/Studies

New specialization in Applied Agriculture.

ERSC 3710H—new

Forensic Science

Updates to program requirements, years 2 and 3.


Updates to program requirements: courses added to Categories C and D.

GEOG-ERSC 2530H—newly cross-listed

GEOG 3580H—prerequisite change


Update to program requirements: Category B.

Students may take only one of HIST 3350Y, 3351H, or 4370Y for credit.

Students may take only one of HIST 3360Y, 3361H, or 4360Y for credit.

HIST 2110Y/2111H—title and description change

HIST 2391H—new

HIST 2801H—new

HIST 3351H—new (web)

HIST 3361H—new (web)

HIST 3470Y—new

HIST 4150Y/4151H—title and description change

Indigenous Studies

Update to program requirements.

INDG 2305Y—removal of cross-listing (CAST)

International Development Studies

IDST-POST 4280Y/4281H - moved from category B to category A

Mathematical Computer Science

Update to program requirements.


MATH-COIS 3210H—prerequisite change

MATH 4710H—prerequisite change

Modern Languages & Literatures

Update to notes on Year Abroad in France program.

FREN 4202H—new

FREN 4611H—new


PHIL-AHCL 4430H—prerequisite change

PHIL-PSYC 4725H—new (special topic)


PHYS-COIS 2250H—prerequisite change

PHYS-COIS 2310H—prerequisite change

PHYS 2610H—prerequisite change

PHYS 2700H—prerequisite change

PHYS-MATH 3130H—prerequisite change

PHYS-COIS 3200Y—prerequisite change


PSYC-PHIL 4725H—new (special topic)


SOCI 4030H—description change

SOCI 4040H—description change

SOCI 4610H—description change