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Academic Calendar 2012–2013
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The Forty-Ninth Academic Year


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Nunc cognosco ex parte


We create vibrant, engaged and sustainable communities of learning,
teaching and research committed to free enquiry and expression.

We encourage the dynamic interplay of research, teaching and learning,
which enhance and energize each other in the classroom and beyond.

We strive to make valued and socially responsible contributions to our local communities,
to Canada, and to the world.

We support a diversity of faculty, staff and students who share a
commitment to the learning experience and are responsive to its challenges.

We foster an environment where Indigenous knowledges are respected and
recognized as a valid means by which to understand the world.

We offer an enriched learning environment that encourages a passion for all knowledge,
the exploration of the creative links between fields of study and a critical engagement with the world.

We create opportunities for students, staff and faculty to flourish and
develop as individuals and as global citizens.

We affirm our commitment to excellence, to innovation and to leadership in research,
academic programmes and community partnerships.

We commit to building an inclusive intellectual and social community
that values the collaboration of all of its individual members.