Students must meet both the university-level and program-level degree requirements to graduate.

Academic Timetable
Please consult the on-line academic timetable for information on courses that will be offered in 2009–2010 including when they will be scheduled.

Animal Care Course
This non-credit course deals with the ethical principles, legal aspects and practical considerations of animal research. The course has no prerequisites and is mandatory for all students whose course work or research will involve handling of and/or experimentation with live vertebrate animals. This course is offered online. Consult the “Animal Care Training” link on the Animal Care web page, the Associate Dean of Science or the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Psychology or the Environmental & Resource Science/Studies program for access information.

Human Research
All undergraduate student research involving humans must be reviewed and approved in accordance with Tri-Council Policy on Ethical Conduct for Research with Humans. Please consult with the Research Ethics Board representative in your department.