An Opportunity to Learn Together

Dear Trent Students:

As Trent’s new president and vice-chancellor, I am honoured and excited to welcome you to a new year at Trent University.

Trent is indeed a leader in its class. As one of Canada’s top universities, Trent offers our students unparalleled access to award-winning teachers and leading-edge researchers, all within world-class facilities and an exceptional natural environment. At Trent, you are encouraged to think in new ways; you are challenged to consider issues from a variety of perspectives; and you are taught to apply the knowledge and experience you gain here to make a difference in the world.

Trent is built on strong interdisciplinary traditions that have long been the hallmark of the University’s academic programming. Our academic programs are designed to be as diverse and unique as our students. Whether you choose to study in the humanities, sciences or social sciences, explore our competitive professional programs in education, business, nursing and forensic science, or challenge yourself in our ever-expanding and groundbreaking graduate programs at both the master’s and doctoral levels, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at Trent.

As you start, or continue to move forward in your Trent education, I encourage you to use this academic calendar as your personal guide in exploring the wide range of topics, courses, degree options and experiences available to you at Trent. Read the information in this guide thoroughly, discuss your academic plans with friends and family, and embrace the choices you have, being assured that as dedicated to the individual student experience as Trent is, you won’t be disappointed.

I look forward to learning alongside you.


Dr. Steven E. Franklin
President and Vice-Chancellor