Goals and Objectives of the University

Statement of Goals

  • To create a teaching, learning, research and living environment fundamentally committed to the promotion of free inquiry and expression.
  • To offer a distinctive, excellent and continually evolving teaching program that responds to the needs of an increasingly diverse full- and part-time student body.
  • To provide educational programs which encourage students to think critically, creatively, constructively and to communicate their ideas effectively, as well as instilling a curiosity that engenders lifelong learning.
  • To sustain and enhance opportunities for research and scholarly activity of the highest standard.
  • To recognize and take advantage of our relatively small size, flexibility and experience to continually foster opportunities for creative interaction between academic departments and programs, teaching and research, colleges and academic activities and among our faculty, staff and students.
  • To develop, in the pursuit of the advancement of learning, mutually beneficial partnerships and linkages with universities, colleges, schools, and other public and private sector institutions and organizations, including our alumni.
  • To encourage intellectual and cultural sensibility, adaptability, leadership, mutual respect, an ethical conscience, global (or international) perspectives and environmental sensitivity among all members of the Trent community.

Institutional Objectives

  • Recruit and retain students from within and beyond Canada who will benefit from Trent’s programs and who will contribute to university life.
  • Provide an appropriate range and sequence of undergraduate courses and programs in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and interdisciplinary fields to ensure a truly liberal education rooted in a strong institutional commitment to undergraduate teaching.
  • Develop new opportunities for small-group teaching and individualized learning.
  • Create and sustain a range of interdisciplinary graduate programs that will reinforce the goal of liberal education, have linkages with our undergraduate departments and programs and provide all faculty with graduate teaching and research opportunities.
  • Employ and retain excellent faculty who contribute actively to the advancement of learning through teaching, research, service and professional development.
  • Employ and retain excellent academic and administrative support staff and ensure adequate opportunities for their professional development.
  • Create and sustain an environment (intellectual, physical, fiscal and social) that advances learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging respect, tolerance and sensitivity.