Post Doctoral Fellows

Prasanth Kumar
Kerala, India

B.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Kerala, India

M.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Kerala, India

PhD. December 2015

Trent Biomaterial Research Program.


Click here for a 5-min presentation of Prasanth's work

Prasanth Kumar Sasidharan Pillai works as hard as he plays! His passion for polymer chemistry matches his fervour for Bollywood movies and cheerleading for the Indian cricket team. Prasanth’s background with research in nano-cellulose nano-composites using banana fibres as a part of his MSc. in Chemistry from Kerala , India, brought him to Trent University to explore renewable materials from vegetable oils.

Although Prasanth misses his parents and sister, he has found a home away from home in the Trent centre of Biomaterial Research group and a few cherished friends in Peterborough. In his free time, Prasanth is an avid Chess player.



Michael Floros
Aurora, Ontario, Canada

B.Sc. (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology), Trent University


PhD. November 2015 

Trent Biomaterial Research Program.

Click here for a5-min presentation of Mike's work

Michael completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and his PhD in Materials Science, both at Trent University. Michael works primarily with renewable materials derived from fats and oils. His research currently focuses on contact active antimicrobial polymers and coatings for reducing the spread of infections. He also works with phase change materials (PCMs) for energy storage and passive thermoregulation applications