Undergraduate BBiology Program at a Glance

Paul Wilson

Canada Research Chair in DNA Profiling, Forensics and Functional Genomics, Associate Professor


B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. McMaster

Office :DNA Wing C Room 255    
Phone: 705-748-1011 ext 7259



Conservation Genetics on species such as caribou, polar bears, Canada lynx and wolves; Wildlife Forensic Science; Landscape Genetics; and Functional Genetics of clock genes in natural populations.

BIOL-FRSC 4600H Applied Molecular Genetics

BIOL-Species-at-Risk Biology & Policy

BIOL4400Y Internship in Conservation Biology

Selected Publications:

Ball, M.C., M. Manseau and P. Wilson. Integrating multiple analytical approaches to spatially delineate and characterize genetic population structure: An application to boreal caribou in central Canada. Conservation Genetics In Press.

Ball, M.C., L. Finnegan, H. Broders, T. Nettie and P. Wilson. Wildlife forensics: Identification of illegally harvested moose (Alces alces americana) using assignment tests. Forensic Science International: Genetics In Press.

Petersen, S.D., M. Manseau,P. Wilson. Bottlenecks, isolation, and life at the northern range limits: Peary caribou on Ellesmere Island, Canada. Journal of Mammalogy In Press.

Garroway, C., J. Bowman, T.J. Cascaden, G.L. Holloway, C.G. Mahan, J.R. Malcolm, M.A. Steele, G. Turner and P.J. Wilson. 2010. Climate change induced hybridization in flying squirrels. Global Change Biology 16: 113-121.

Crompton, A., S. Petersen, M. Obbard and P.J. Wilson. 2008. Cryptic genetic structure in Hudson Bay Polar Bears.  Biological Conservation 141: 2528-2539.