James Conolly
Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair, Archaeology


B.A. Anthropology, University of Toronto, 1990
M.A. Archaeology, University College London, 1993
Ph.D. Institute of Archaeology, University College London, 1997

Graduate Supervisions

Completed:     12 M.A., 1 Ph.D.

In progress:    4 M.A.


Knox, Zach. Analysis of classical period settlements on Kythera, Greece. (Trent MA), 2007/ongoing.


Dillane, Jeff. Analysis of the Rice Lake burial mounds. (Trent MA), 2007/ongoing.


Stringer, Mike. Spatial modelling of the spread of Neolithic agriculture. (Trent MA), 2006/ongoing.


Champagne, Nancy. Locational analysis of the Puckasaw Pits. (Trent MA), 2006/ongoing.

McKay, Rhianne. A GIS analysis of the impact of soil erosion on archaeological visibility on the island of Antikythera, Greece (Trent MA). 2005/2007


Cutting, Marion. The neolithic and early chalcolithic farmers of Central and Southwest Anatolia: household, community, and the changing use of space. (UCL PhD), 2000/2004.

Peterson, Michael. Developing predictive models for prehistoric settlement patterns on the High Plains of western Nebraska. (UCL MA), 2003/2004.

Sandiford, Timothy. An investigation of the feasibility of the utilisation of GIS for the production of a predictive model of body deposition relating to criminal homicide. (UCL MA), 2003/2004.

Clarke, Varina. A GIS analysis of intra-archipelago colonization processes in Polynesia. (UCL MA), 2002/2003.

Gupta, Neha. Pastoralists, ashmounds and territoriality during the southern neolithic, India: a GIS based analysis. (UCL MA), 2001/2002.

Katsianis, Markos. GIS modelling of land surfaces at Knossos. (UCL MA), 2001/2002.

Mortimore, Sally. Locational analysis of the neolithic flint mines along the South Downs. (UCL MA), 2001/2002.

Tsipidis, Spyros. Satellite imagery in archaeology: a case study in Paphlagonia, Turkey. (UCL MA), 2001/2002.

Barclay, Rupert. Exploration of data visualisation techniques within GIS using ceramic density data of the Kythera Island Project. (UCL MA), 2000/2001.

Inderbjerg, Heidi. Unwrapping the knapped stone package of the BACH area at Catalhoyuk. (UCL MA), 2000/2001.

Hoyle, Richard. Stone tools and spatial analysis. Deriving information from Palaeolithic artefacts in Area III, Elveden, Suffolk. (UCL MA), 2000/2001.

Graduate Courses

2001-02  Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology, Lithic Technology (UCL)

2002-03  Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology, Lithic Technology (UCL)

2003-04  Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology, Lithic Technology (UCL)

2005-06  Research Design, Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology (Trent)

2006-07 Archaeological Method and Theory, Archaeoinformatics (Trent)

2007-08 Archaeological Method and Theory, Archaeoinformatics (Trent)