Occasional Papers

The Trent University Occasional Papers in Anthropology is a publication series sponsored by the Department of Anthropology at Trent University.  The series provides rapid low cost publication of a variety of materials (field reports, technical manuals, collection of papers on a theme, etc).  A camera-ready copy must be submitted by the author. External review of the manuscript will be sought if requested by the author. 

The Occasional Papers can be ordered from TUARC c/o The Department of Anthropology, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, K9L 0G2 Canada. Please make cheques payable to Trent University. Shipping costs are 10.00 within Canada/ USA, and 15.00 International.

No. 18 - PDF [Free - Open Source]

2015 Framing a comparative analysis of tropical civilizations: SETS Project - Phase 1 (Volume 2)

Iannone, Gyles, Kendall B. Hills and Scott Macrae, eds.

No. 17 - PDF [Free - Open Source]

2014 Framing a comparative analysis of tropical civilizations: SETS Project - Phase 1 (Volume 1)

Iannone, Gyles, ed.

No. 16 - 25.00

2014 Zooarchaeology of the Ancient Maya Centre of Pacbitun (Belize)

Healy, Paul F. and Kitty F. Emery, eds.

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No. 15 - 20.00

2004 Birds From the Ground: The Record of Archaeology in Ontario
Sadler, Douglas C. and Howard G. Savage

Sponsored by TUARC

No. 14 - 8.00

1999 Linguistic Deconstruction: Contribution to an Anthropology of Language
Hagman, Roy S.

No. 13 - 20.00

1999 Belize Valley Preclassic Maya Project: Report on the 1996 and 1997 Field Seasons
Healy Paul F. (ed.)

No. 11 - 8.00

1996 The Cultural Construction of Language: Five Anthropological Essays
Hagman, Roy S.

No. 8 - 20.00

1989 Coastal Maya Trade
McKillop, Heather and Paul F. Healy, eds.

No. 7 - 5.00

1991 Unity and Sovereignty? The Gibson (Oka) Mohawk
Hamori-Torok, Charles and Joanne Heath-Menger

No. 2 - 4.00

1986 Anthropology and Theology: Possible Uses and Abuses
Hamori-Torok, Charles

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