Marit Munson

Associate Professor


Office: DNA C218

Lab: DNA C219 Art & Archaeology Lab

Telephone: (705) 748-1011 x7503

Email: Send an email


BA (Miami, Ohio) MA, PhD (New Mexico)


Professor Munson is an anthropological archaeologist whose research focuses on the archaeology of art, especially in the US Southwest.  She is currently working on the materiality of colour in the Ancestral Pueblo world.

Her book The Archaeology of Art in the American Southwest (2011, AltaMira) provides a broad overview of method and theory as applied to studies of art in the past, addressing aspects of artists, audiences, images, and aesthetics in the Southwest.  The book was a finalist for the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards. More information is available here.

In addition to her work in the Southwest, Munson is also the co-editor with Susan M. Jamieson, of Before Ontario: The Archaeology of a Province (2013, McGill Queen's University Press).  The book provides a lively and engaging overview of Ontario archaeology for a general audience.  Ordering information is available here

Additional publications include:

Munson, Marit K.

2011      Iconography, space, and practice: Rio Grande rock art, AD  

              1150-1600. In Religious Transformation in the Late Pre-Hispanic


Pueblo World, edited by D. M. Glowacki and S. Van Keuren, pp. 109-129. University of Arizona Press, Tucson, AZ.

2011      Gender, art, and ritual hierarchy in the Ancient Pueblos of the


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Munson, Marit K. and Kelley Hays-Gilpin

2011      Women and men in black and white. In Mimbres Lives and


Landscapes, edited by Margaret C. Nelson and Michelle Hegmon, pp.57-63. SAR Press, Santa Fe, NM. 

Munson, Marit K. and Genevieve Head

2011      Surveying Petroglyph Hill: Cultural landscapes of the Galisteo


Basin. In Burnt Corn Pueblo: Conflagration and Conflict in the Galisteo Basin A.D. 1250-1325, edited by J. E. Snead and M. Allen, pp. 94-111. Anthropological Papers. vol. 74. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Chapman, Kenneth M., and Marit K. Munson (editor)

2007      Kenneth Chapman's Santa Fe: Artists and Archaeologists, 1907-

1931, SAR Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

              Finalist for 2008 New Mexico Book Awards.

              A 2008 Southwest Book of the Year, Pima County (AZ) Public



Munson, Marit K.

2006      Picturing differences: Gender, ritual, and power in Mimbres


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2000      "Sex, Gender, and Status: Human Images from the Classic

Mimbres." American Antiquity 65:127-143.