Eugene Morin

Assistant Professor

Office: DNA C216
Lab: DNA C215 Archaeozoology Lab

Telephone: (705) 748-1011 x7682

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BSc, MSc (Montréal) DEA (Université Paris-X) PhD (Michigan)


Eugène Morin joined the department of anthropology in 2008. He holds degrees in anthropology from the Université de Montréal (BA, MSC) and the University of Michigan (PhD), and in prehistory from the Université Paris-X (DEA), Nanterre, France. Prior to coming to Trent, he was a postdoctoral fellow at McGill University and Université Laval in Quebec. His research has mainly focused on forager ecology and social evolution in the Old World and in Eastern North America.

Refereed Books

Morin, E. 2012. Reassessing Paleolithic Subsistence. The Neandertal and Modern Human Foragers of Saint-Césaire, France. Cambridge University Press, 358 p. (pdf)

Refereed publications

Nascou, A., and Morin, E. 2014. Arctic wolf and spotted hyena gnawing damage on an experimental faunal assemblage. Journal of Taphonomy, in press.

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