Anne Keenleyside

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department

Office: DNA C224

Lab: DNA A118.3 DNA Lab

Telephone: (705) 748-1011 x7852

Dept. Chair  ext: 6358, Arch Director ext: 7783

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BA (McMaster) BEd (OISE) MA (Alberta) PhD (McMaster)

Research Interests

Bioarchaeology, palaeopathology, palaeonutrition, Greek and Roman populations of the Mediterranean and Black Sea, Canadian Inuit.


Professor Anne Keenleyside joined the department in 2002. She is a bioarchaeologist whose research focuses on the health, diet, and residential history of past populations. She has conducted fieldwork in the Canadian Arctic, Siberia, Romania, and Tunisia, and is currently conducting a bioarchaeological study of human skeletal remains from the Greek colonial site of Apollonia Pontica (5th to 3rd centuries BC) on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Her CFI-funded bioarchaeology lab supports research on archaeological populations using stable isotope analysis, radiography, and microscopy. She has supervised more than a dozen graduate students on topics in skeletal and dental pathology and paleonutrition.

Recent publications

2013    Healy, P.F., Keenleyside, A., Dorst, M.C. Isotope analysis and radiocarbon dating of prehistoric human bone from the Manzanilla (SAN 1) Site, Trinidad. Caribbean Connections 3(1) (published on-line March 2013).

2012     Keenleyside, A. Occipitalization of the Atlas in Two Female Skeletons from ApolloniaPontica, Bulgaria. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (published on-line August 2012).

2012     Sagittal Clefting of the Fifth Lumbar Vertebra of a Young Adult Female from ApolloniaPontica, Bulgaria. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (published on-line August 2012).

2011     Keenleyside, A. and Lazenby, R. A Human Voyage: Exploring Biological Anthropology. Nelson Education Inc., Toronto.

2011     Keenleyside, A. Congenital aural atresia in an adult female from ApolloniaPontica. International Journal of Paleopathology 1: 63-67.

2011     Keenleyside, A., Schwarcz, H.P., Panayotova, K. Oxygen isotopic evidence of residence and migration in a Greek colonial population on the Black Sea. Journal of Archaeological Science 38(10): 2658-2666.

2009    Keenleyside, A., Schwarcz, H.P., Stirling, L., Ben Lazreg, N. Stable isotopic evidence for diet in a Roman and Late Roman population from Leptiminus, Tunisia. Journal of Archaeological Science 36(1): 51-63.