We are offering the 2017 field school in Belize at Ka'Kabish.  Please see contact info below. For more information about the site please visit

ANTH 3000Y – Belize Field School 2017

Ka’Kabish Archaeological Research Project

Date: Wednesday 25th January 2017

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Room: DNA C 233


ANTH Field School - Summer 2017,

May 13th to June 17th in Ka’Kabish, Belize

he Ka'Kabish Archaeological Research Project (KARP), directed by Dr. Helen R. Haines, provides students with the opportunity to excavate an ancient Maya ruin in the rain forest while living in a small Belizean village. Work at the site focuses on, among other things, excavations into the plazas to expose Formative period (ca. 600-800 BC deposits). The project is based in the local village of Indian Church, adjacent to the ruins of Lamanai, and is available for ANTH-3000Ycredit.

May 13, 2017 to June 17, 2017


Contact information

For information on Belize field school in Ka'Kabish

Summer 2017 please contact:

Dr. Helen R. Haines
Department of Anthropology
Trent University Oshawa Office

55 Thornton Road South
Room 101, Oshawa, ON, L1J 5Y1

Phone: (905) 435-5100 x5045


Trent Students

Trent Belize Field Course Check List

Non-Trent Students

Non-Trent Belize Field Course Check List

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2017 Ka'Kabish Application Form

2017 Belize Field Course Trent Registration Form

2017 KARP Risk Management Plan

2017 Risk Management Informed Consent Waiver