Faculty and Research


James Conolly, Ph.D. (London)
Human palaeoecology, population dynamics and cultural change, settlement and landscape archaeology, lithic technology, geographical information systems and science, spatial and analytical statistics.



Ayman El-Amir, Ph.D.

Sheldene Simola, Ph.D.
Behavioral ethics, organizational behavior, clinical and consulting psychology, psychometric theory, multivariate statistics


Marcel Dorken, PhD.

Evolutionary Biology.



DavidEllis , Ph.D. (Toronto)
Analytical and organic techniques including spectroscopy, chromatography, computational chemistry, synthesis and modelling.

Igor Svishchev, Ph.D. (Moscow)
Molecular simulations and physical environmental chemistry

Computing and Information Systems

Omar Alam, Ph.D. (McGill)

Model-driven software engineering; aspect-oriented modelling; advanced separation of concerns; software architecture; mining software repositories

Wenying Feng, Ph.D. (Glasgow)
Modeling of Computer System and Networks
Richard T. Hurley, Ph.D. (Waterloo)
Performance of Resource Management Strategies
Sabine McConnell , Ph.D. (Queen's)
Data Mining, Astronomical data analysis, Parallel Computing, Big Data.
Brian G. Patrick, Ph.D. (McGill)
Parallel Job Scheduling

Bruce Cater, Ph.D. (York)
Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics

Cheryl McKenna Neuman, Ph.D. (Queen's)
Surficial and Boundary Layer Controls of Particle Transport
Raul Ponce-Hernandez, D.Phil. (Oxford)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Spatial Modeliling.



Hugh Elton, Ph.D.
Settlement and landscape archaeology, geographical information systems, military history


Kenzu Abdella, Ph.D. (Western)
Atmospheric Modelling

Wesley Burr, Ph.D. (Queen's)

Applied Statistics: Time Series, Spectrum Estimation, and Statistical Modelling.  Research projects in environmental epidemiology and space physics.

Wenying Feng, Ph.D. (Glasgow)
Difference and Differential Equations
Marco Pollanen, Ph.D. (Toronto)
Mathematical Finance, Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods



Michael Hickson, Ph.D.

Physics and Astronomy

Bill Atkinson, Ph.D. (McMaster)
Condensed Matter Theory and Computation
Dave Patton, Ph.D. (UVic)
Modelling of Galaxy Evolution
Ralph Shiell, Ph.D (University of Newcastle)
Atomic, molecular and optical physics: Dynamics of weakly-bound system
Rachel Wortis, Ph.D (Illinois)
Condensed Matter Theory

Michael Chan-Reynolds , Ph.D. (Waterloo)
Utilization of  Environment in everyday situations
Rory Coughlan , Ph.D. (UVic)
Health communication / prejudice and bullying
Teresa L. DeCicco, Ph.D. (York)
Personality, health, health and dreams, self and identity
Nancie Im-Bolter , Ph.D. (York)
Language and Cognitive Functioning

Mowei Liu , Ph.D. (Western)

Social Development from a Cultural Perspective

James D.A. Parker, Ph.D. (York)
Emotion and Health
Kevin Ross Peters, Ph.D. (UBC)
Sleep and memory; Aging and cognition
Elaine Scharfe, Ph.D. (Simon Fraser)
Adult attachment; parent-child relationships; family relationships; influence of relationships on health
Carlyle Taylor Smith, Ph.D. (Waterloo)
Research into the relationship between sleep states and memory processes

Brenda Smith-Chant, Ph,D. (Carleton)

Development and acquisition of basic
cognitive skills.

Laura J. Summerfeldt, Ph.D. (York)
Personality & Psychopathology