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The Trent Library provides an online searchable database of its textual and electronic holdings (called TOPCAT). Subject searches on TOPCAT yield mixed results; if you are looking for books on Roman architecture, try headings like “Rome”, “Roman”, “Classical”, and “Architecture”. Try more than one heading; sometimes books will not appear under the most logical heading. Also, when you find one call number, go to the shelves and look around that call number for further books of possible relevance. More specific searches can be done using the web databases described below; when you find titles that fit your desired topics, see if they appear in TOPCAT.



Don't forget to take advantage of the Library's E-JOURNAL section, which provides links to electronic resources that do not appear through TOPCAT.



Materials not in the Bata collections can be ordered through Inter-Library Loan (ILL), located on the main floor of the Bata Library and via the Library web page (through a service called RACER). Books ordered through RACER may take up to a week (or more) to arrive at Trent, so take care to order your books well in advance.




Also extremely helpful, is L'ANNÉE PHILOLOGIQUE, a bibliographical database covering all aspects of the Greek and Roman worlds, and to a lesser extent, neighbouring regions. This site must be accessed through the "Directory of Online Databases" section of the Bata Library homepage. Each bibliographic entry comes with a brief description (like an annotated bibliography), usually in French, English or German.




An online syllabus for students of Aegean archaeology, with each lesson containing detailed notes, (usually) pertinant images and an exhaustive bibliography, maintained by Jeremy B. Rutter of Dartmouth University.


ANTHRO-NET: Anthropology Resources on the Internet

This web site is a search engine for the range from academic to truly bizarre web sites and other resources on various cultures; large sections are devoted to Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome.


CHLORIS: A Searchable Bibliography of the Bronze Age

An online searchable database of Bronze Age (i.e. Minoan, Mycenaean, Cycladic) sites in the Aegean. Enter a site or region name in order to produce a list of publications dealing with that site.


DIOTIMA: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World

This site provides a wide variety of materials (including bibliographies and images) relating to the study of women and gender in the Classical World (i.e. the Aegean, Etruria, Greece and Rome). It also provides links to other useful sites for studying the archaeology of the ancient world.



This site is a very full clearing-houses of the resources available on the Net for students of the ancient world.


GNOMON: Bibliographic Database

This web site is of phenomenal help in finding books and articles on Greek and Roman archaeology. While the host site is in German, the results will be drawn from publications in all languages. When you enter your search criteria, the site is keyed to give the most recent publications first; a button at the bottom will reveal older titles.

Note: ("auswahl" = "select an option"; "suche" = "search"; "liste" = "list"; "ergebnis" = "result"; "ende" = close the database").

Make sure you try more than one target word, and keep in mind Greek vs. Latin spellings, e.g. Dionysos vs. Dionysus.

This is a Classical archaeology site, so a target word like “Architecture” will yield hundreds of items; therefore you should narrow your search down.


ICS: The Internet Classics Archive

This website offers Greek and Latin texts in translation, plus much more.


MINOAN CRETE: Bronze Age Civilisation

A collection of images and brief descriptions of a number of Minoan sites, maintained by Ian Swindale.


NESTOR: Bibliography of Aegean and Related Areas

An online bibliography for the study of Bronze Age archaeology in the Aegean and related areas, with a database of over 44,000 references dating back to 1959.


PERSEUS: Perseus Digital Library

This site includes:

  • encyclopaedia-like entries on ancient people, places, objects, and terminology
  • catalogues (including illustrations) of ancient sites, buildings, sculptures, coins, gems, and vases
  • ancient texts in both English and the original language (Greek or Latin)
  • translation and grammatical tools for ancient Greek and Latin
  • on-line versions of some published books and articles
  • searchable texts of ancient papyri


TOCS-IN: Table of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists

This site allows searches on journal articles relating to studies in Classics (including the archaeology of the Greek and Roman worlds), the Near East, and religion.




Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)


American Philological Association (APA)


Classical Association of Canada (CAC)


Classical Association of the Canadian West (CACW)


Classical Association of the Middle, West and South (CAMWS)


Foundation of the Hellenic World


Ontario Classical Association (OCA)


Trent University Archaeological Research Centre (TUARC)





a magazine put out by the Archaeological Institute of America that covers much more than the world of ancient Greece and Rome


Bryn Mawr Classical Review

reviews of current scholarship in Classical Studies



an electronic journal and resource dedicated to the study of ancient Greek & Roman drama in performance


Electronic Antiquity: Communicating the Classics

an electronic journal on the ancient world published by Virginia Tech University