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David Page Prize in Latin

This prize was established in 2007 to mark the retirement, after 39 years of excellent service to Trent, of Professor David F. R. Page.  It is awarded to the first-year student with the highest grade in Latin 1001H: Introductory Latin 2, the course which meant the most to Professor Page.

See a list of recipients of the David Page Prize in Latin.


Norma Miller Essay Prize

Administered jointly by Catharine Parr Traill College and the Department of Ancient History & Classics, these prizes honour the memory of Norma P. Miller, an honourary fellow of Traill and frequent visitor to the Classics Department.

It has become one of the most successful small funds at Trent, and has enabled us to fund three prizes within the department, to the value of $200 each.

The three prizes are awarded annually for the best essay in each of three competitions:

1.  Norma Miller Prize in 2000-Level Literature

This prize is awarded to the essay judged best in competition.  Open to students enrolled in either AHCL 2305H (Ancient Greek Theatre) or AHCL 2350H (Greek Myths & Mythology). Students who submit an essay from either course should ensure that their paper, which may be a revised version of the original submission, has substantial literary content.  Students may enter one essay in this competition.

2.  Norma Miller Prize in Roman History

This prize is awarded to the essay judged best in competition.  Open to students enrolled in courses in Roman History, Civilisation, and Archaeology at the 2000- or 3000-level.  Students who submit an essay from a course in Civilisation or Archaeology should ensure that the paper, which may be a revised version of the original submission, has a considerable historical content.  Students may enter one essay in this competition.

3.  Norma Miller Prize in 4000-Level (Fourth-Year)

This prize is awarded to the essay judged best in competition.  Open to students enrolled in a 4000-level course within the Department in the year of competition, but not limited to those who are in their fourth year of studies.  The essay must have been submitted to that particular course, and may be a revised version of it.  Students may enter one essay in this competition.


Deadline: The deadline for submissions is announced in late March but is normally the end of April of each academic year.

See a list of recent recipients of the Norma P. Miller Prizes.



Bagnani Undergraduate Awards

Established in 1997 by the Dewar Memorial Fund in honour of the late Professor Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani.  Awarded to Ontario students in the final year of an Honours program who demonstrate both academic excellence and financial need.  Preference will be given to undergraduate students in classical (traditional) disciplines of the humanities, especially Classics, Archaeology/Anthropology, Ancient History, History, Philosophy and English.  OSOTF guidelines apply.

Students interested in applying for this award should visit the Financial Aid website, accessed through My Trent.  Click on the financial aid link there and complete the online General Bursary Application Form.  Questions should be directed to Linda Sweeting (ext. 6134).

Deadline: There are two deadlines for applications each year, usually October 15 and January 31, but please check the website to verify these dates.


Bews Scholarship

Awarded to students of Catharine Parr Traill College in their second, third or fourth year.  Preference shall be given to students majoring in Classical Studies, Modern Languages or English Literature, in that respective order.  These scholarships were established by W.A. (Bill) and Vena Bews, parents of the late Professor Janet P. Bews of the Trent Classics Department.


The Douglas Bruce Award

The award was created in memory of Douglas Bruce who began his studies at Trent at the age of 78 and took every upper-year Greek or Latin course offered within the Department until he passed away in January 2004, at the age of 87. He insisted that studying the ancient languages kept his mind alive and youthful, and in his will generously left all his classics books to the Department. The Prize is awarded annually to an upper-year student at Otonabee College for excellence in the study of the ancient world.

See a list of recipients of the Douglas Bruce Prize.


The James Middleton Prize in the Humanities

This prize (value $600) is awarded to second or third year students in the Humanities, and offered in alternating years to students in Ancient History & Classics and Philosophy (Year 1) and History and English Literature (Year 2).

Second and third year students in Ancient History & Classics will be eligible to compete in 2012-13.

Click here for detailed information on the criteria and procedures established for the James Middleton Prize.

See a list of recipients of the James Middleton Prize.


Janet Bews Scholarship in Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias

Established by the Alzheimer Society of Peterborough and Area in memory of Professor Janet P. Bews, a member of the Trent Classics Department from 1966-99 and a strong advocate for the Alzheimer Society.  Awarded to a fourth year student enrolled in the Trent/Fleming Nursing program and showing a career interest in nursing care for persons with dementia.  Selection is based on academic merit and an essay and interview application process.



CAC Undergraduate Essay Contest/Concours de dissertations de premier cycle de la SCÉC

The CAC announces this year's essay competition, open to undergraduate students taking Classics courses at Canadian universities.  There are two separate competitions, junior and senior, governed by the level of Classics courses for which essays were written.
The full details for the contest can be found here.

Essays are to be submitted by either the student or the instructor, and may be up to 50 pages in length.  Essays should be submitted as they were for the course, without revisions/corrections.  The essay itself should be submitted without identification of the writer – with only the title on the covering page.

A separate entry should accompany the essay, containing: (i) the name of the student, (ii) his/her institution, (iii) the level of competition for which the essay should be judged and (iv) the submitting instructor (if applicable).

Deadline: August 31


The Department of Ancient History & Classics, as an institutional member of CAMWS (Classical Association of the Middle West and South), is allowed to select one student every year to receive the CAMWS Institutional Award. This student will receive a year's membership in the organization, which includes a subscription to the Classical Journal. At Trent we make this award to a student proceeding to graduate study in some aspect of the ancient world.

See a list of recipients of the CAMWS Award from Trent University.

Click here to visit the CAMWS website, and here to see a list of last year's award winners from across North America.