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Guidelines for Authors

The PSR solicits original research articles, as well as review essays, book reviews and other material focusing on Portugal, Brazil, all African and Asian countries or territories with a history of Portuguese presence or contact, and all the maritime spaces, islands, and other geographical areas playing a role in the continued development of Lusophone or Portuguese-influenced identities, diaspora communities, and cultural contexts. The results of pure and applied research are equally acceptable. Particularly welcome are the disciplines of history, geography, economics, economic history, political science, international relations, policy studies, anthropology, ethnology and folklore, archaeology, cultural studies, and cultural and natural heritage conservation. The Review is committed to methodological pluralism: no combination of disciplines and methodologies will be turned away a priori, as long as it proves to be effective and rigorous.


Article-length manuscripts submitted to the PSR should ideally not exceed 8,000 words (exclusive of notes, tables, and graphics), and should not include more than 100 notes. Longer articles will be considered for publication if warranted by quality and topic, but only as space permits. Manuscripts should be submitted in English, Portuguese, French, or Spanish, exclusive of dialects. Works will be published in the original language. Besides research articles, the PSR solicits submissions for the following sections: Research Notes, Comments and Responses, Archives and Media, Review Essays, and Research Reports.

Peer Review Process

The double-blind peer review process (preserving the anonymity of both author and reviewer) involves two anonymous referees. Authors may suggest referees best suited for evaluating their submissions. The referees will be asked to follow standardized evaluation criteria, set out in the Guidelines for Referees. Should one of the referees reject the work, a third opinion will be sought. If rejected by two referees, the submission will be turned down. The final decision to publish rests with the Editors (where matching the Review's profile and editorial policy is concerned), and is based on the recommendations of the referees (with respect to quality of content).

If no revisions are suggested, the work will be accepted for publication. If revisions are called for, the manuscript will be returned to the author, with the appropriate anonymous annotations and comments. In the case of minor revisions, the Editors will verify compliance and make the decision to publish. In the case of substantial revisions, the revised version will be sent to the original referees for evaluation. Should further changes be required, the manuscript will be once again returned to the author. All manuscripts requiring revision should be returned to the Editors within three months from receipt. Please advise the Editors if you require more time, or your manuscript will be considered withdrawn.

Editorial Policy

Manuscripts may be edited to comply with house style, as required (minor matters of style and layout). Manuscripts in English should use US spelling and punctuation, and manuscripts in Portuguese should comply consistently with either Portuguese or Brazilian usage.

Authors bear responsibility for the accuracy and veracity of their statements, as well as for the adequacy of references. Items published in the PSR represent the opinions of the author(s), and should not be construed to reflect the opinions of the Editors, the Editorial Board, the PSR, or the PSR's home institution. The main author is the guarantor of the fact that the article reflects the opinions of all co-authors, and that all personal communications cited in the text or the notes have the approval of the person(s) cited.

Manuscripts submitted to the PSR must be previously unpublished works, and cannot be under simultaneous consideration by other publishers. Manuscript submission implies the understanding that if the work is accepted for publication, copyright (including translation rights, and worldwide rights to reproduce the article in all forms of media, known or yet to be invented) shall be assigned exclusively to the Portuguese Studies Review as per our Author Contract. In return, the PSR will not deny any reasonable request to reproduce any of the authors' works.

Each author (or team of co-authors) will receive a digital (.pdf) offprint of their article.


Manuscripts should be e-mailed to the Chief Editor, accompanied by the author's statement releasing the work for publication in the PSR, accepting responsibility for the content, asserting status as original work, and undertaking not to submit the same work simultaneously to other publications (please use our Author Release, on this Website). Authors are urged to keep copies of all the material sent to the PSR, to avoid complications in case of loss in transit or other mishap.

All regular mail relating to editorial matters should be addressed to:

Prof. Ivana Elbl, Chief Editor
Portuguese Studies Review
Trent University
Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 7B8


The Editors are open to all suggestions. Authors are encouraged to discuss article proposals with the Editors.

Correcting Proofs

Proofs, which are distributed as standard .pdf pre-print files, should be returned to the Editors within a week from receipt. At this point, authors should make only minor corrections, not substantive alterations, deletions, or additions. The Review declines responsibility for any errors not identified and marked up by the author(s) during the proofing stage. If corrections are still required after proofing, they shall be billed to the author.

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