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What does it mean to submit an assignment to the dropbox?

Submitting an assignment to the assignment dropbox means that you will create a document on your own computer using software specified by your instructor. You'll use the process below to submit the file to the instructor. Your instructor will specify the programs you can use in order to view the file on his/her computer. The assignments are time-stamped when they are submitted.

Special Considerations:

    1. Names of files to be uploaded cannot contain SPACES. Replace SPACES with - (dashes) before attempting to upload.
    2. If you are going to be submitting more than one file, you must upload all files before clicking on "Submit Assignment". Once you have clicked on "Submit Assignment", you cannot make any further changes.

How do I submit a document to the assignment dropbox?

To submit an assignment using the Assignment Dropbox feature:

  1. Enter myWebCT and select the course in which you wish to "hand in" your assignment.
  2. From the course Homepage, click the Assignment Dropbox link.
  3. The following screen will appear. Click on the correct hyperlinked assignment name. (NOTE: The assignment must be "Available" in order to submit your files. Check for the pencil image () besides its name.
    The date following the Availability: is the assignment due date. No assignments can be accepted through the Assignment Dropbox after the due date.)

  4. When the following screen appears, read the instructions and click on the Upload file button at the bottom of the page.

  5. At the screen below, click on Browse button first, select the file from your computer and click on Upload button.

  6. Follow steps 4 and 5 if you have more files to submit.

  7. Click the Submit Assignment button.

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