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Resources for Math & Sciences

Resources for Math

Resources for Statistics

Resources for Lab Research and Report Writing

Resources for Math

  • Formula for Success: A Mathematics Resource PDF
    In this revised e-book, you will find easy access to many formulas, equations and other mathematical information.  This publication also includes modules on basic math skills as well as Calculus/Algebra preparation.
  • Lines, Conics, Limits and Derivatives PDF
    An introductory Calculus resource with worked examples, practice questions and answers.
  • Math Review for ERSC  PDF

   This resource covers scientific notation, conversions, and significant digits.

Resources for Statistics

  • Statistics for Psychology: Math Review PDF
    A review of basic math concepts to help in Statistics courses.
  • Confidence interval example PDF
    A step-by-step example to help understand how to calculate confidence intervals.
  • Chi-square instruction PDF
    A good example of a multi-step Chi-square solution.


Resources for Lab Research and Writing

Writing for Science

Online Guide to Writing the Lab Report

This guide takes you through the components of writing a standard IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) lab report, and it includes information on titles, abstracts, appendices, and more.

Writing Science: Structure, Style, & Common Errors

Good writing is important in all disciplines; this guide reviews fundamentals of good writing and highlights common errors found in student science writing.

Understanding Hypotheses and Predictions PDF | Word

Understand the difference between hypotheses and predictions and how they're derived from research questions. Learn how to formulate your own hypotheses and predictions by following the examples provided.

Writing for Science Webcasts

Presenting Data - Writing for Science

Style, Grammar & Avoiding Plagiarism - Writing for Science

Writing Lab Reports - Writing for Science


Research & Analysis

  • Statistics for Students in the Sciences PDF | Word
    Typical statistical functions, including the sample mean and standard deviation, with examples.

  • Easy Kohler Method PDF | Word
    A guide for easy optimization of microscope light path

  • Presenting Graphs PDF
    A short document explaining how to choose appropriate graphs to present your data in lab reports and research papers.

  • Significant Digits PDF
    Present digits accurately by understanding significant digits and rounding.