Book With Group or Corporate Author

Often, the group author and the publisher are the same. In that case, list the title first; then list the group author as the publisher.

In-Text Citation

(Modern Language Association 212)

(American Allergy Association 30)

Works Cited


Title of Book. Number of ed., Publisher, Year of Publication.


MLA Handbook. 8th ed., The Modern Language Association of America,


Sometimes, the group author and the publisher are different. In that case, put the group author at the beginning of the entry and include the publisher name after the title with the year of publication.


Group Author's Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Year of Publication.



  • A group author may include an organization, commission, committee, government agency, or any entity that does not give individual authors on its title page.
  • The group or corporate name is used in the in-text parenthetical citation.
  • It might be better to include a long name in your essay text, so the parentheses need only contain the page number:  " The Modern Language Association is no longer recommending including URL addresses in the works cited list entries" (212).