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Academic skills instructors are located in the college offices - who's where?
Please note the location of your appointment when you book.

Book an appointment

Appointments are also available at the Durham campus; please book online.


How can an academic skills instructor help me?

Our instructors will meet with you to discuss any aspect of your academic work. This includes:

    • Essay writing - bring in a draft of a work in progress and we will provide detailed commentary on your essay, teaching you how to become an independent editor of your own work and indicating your strengths and weaknesses
    • Essay topics - bring in essay topics to discuss narrowing the topic, finding a thesis, and establishing a direction for research or discussion
    • Lab writing – bring a work in progress and we will discuss strategies for organization, independent editing and research and analysis
    • Time management and study skills
    • Critical reading and thinking
    • Seminar presentations
    • Exam and test preparation
    • Math skills for Calculus, Algebra, Probability and Statistics
    • Math support for students in other disciplines such as Physics, Education, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Geography
    • Organization, reading, and writing skills for graduate students

You may schedule one appointment per week and up to ten appointments each term; this allows an instructor to work closely with you on an ongoing basis. Read our appointment FAQs for more information.

Academic skills appointments are available Monday through Friday in Peterborough.

In-person appointments

Book appointments by appointment type in the online booking system.

Academic Skills In-Person

Meet with an academic skills instructor in a 45-minute appointment to discuss study skills, time managment, academic writing, and more. Appointments are available Monday through Friday in the college offices.

Academic Skills Traill College

Do you live or work downtown? Find us at Traill College one day a week during the academic year. Meet with an academic skills instructor in a 45-minute appointment to discuss study skills, time management, academic writing, and more.

Academic Skills Math

Mathematics skills instruction is available on Mondays and Thursdays by appointment during the academic year. The math instructor supports students with understanding of course material and offers remedial support for math courses and math content in disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Education, Environmental Science, and Geography.

Learn more about online math instruction available from academic skills. Send your questions to the math instructor:

Drop-In Appointments

Not able to get an appointment? Have a quick question on writing or studying? 30-minute drop-in appointments are available Monday to Thursday during the academic year in Peterborough.

Sign up for drop-in at the college office for the assigned day only. Sign up begins at 12:45pm or when the college office opens following lunch.

Drop-In schedule suspended, starting April 10, 2017

Drop-in will resume September 2017


Online appointments

You can submit questions about academic or writing skills or submit a draft of your writing at any stage of the process. At the time of the appointment, an instructor will review what you have submitted, offer comments, using Word's Track Changes, and then reply to you via email.Online appointments are available Monday through Friday.

Yes, you can book an online appointment before you've finished your assignment!
Upload a work-in-progress or assignment instructions when you book your appointment in the online booking system. You can submit via email a more recent draft before 9am on the day of the appointment to your instructor. Note that it is helpful if you offer assignment instructions and/or ask for particular feedback on writing.

Math help is also available through online instruction. Learn more. Send your question to the ASC Math Instructor at

Appointment FAQs

Appointment Booking & Cancellation

At the Appointment



All students must follow the policies of the ASC regarding cancellations and no-shows.