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September 2005 - August 2006


ANASTAKIS, Dimitry (History)
Auto Pact: Creating a Borderless North American Auto Industry, 1960-1971. University of Toronto Press, 2005. 285 pps.
“Building an Integrated Continental Economy: The Emergence of North American Free Trade,” in Teaching About Canada and Mexico (US textbook) William Joyce and John Bratzel, eds., (The National Council for Social Studies, Silver Spring, MD, 2006) 123-9

ANDRIEWSKY, Olga (History)
Olga Andriewsky, “The Making of the Generation of 1917: Towards a Collective Biography,” Synopsis, edited by Serhii Plokhy and Frank E. Sysyn, 19-37. Edmonton: CIUS Press, 2005.

BAROSS, Zsuzsa (Cultural Studies)
“the future of the past: The cinema,” Angelaki, Special Issue: Creative Philosophy 11:1 2006
“A fourth repetition” in Delezue and philosophy, ed. Constantine Boundas, Edinborugh Press, 2006

BHANDAR, Davina    (Canadian Studies)
Davina Bhandar (2004) “Renormalizing Citizenship and Life in Fortress North America” Citizenship Studies 8:3 (261-278).

BODE, Rita (English Literature)
“Mediating Landscapes: Jane of Lantern Hill,” CREArTA 5 (2005), Special Issue: L. M. Montgomery’s Interior and Exterior Landscapes. Ed. Rosemary Ross Johnston. 167-76. [published June, 2006]
“Narrative Revelations: Harriet Prescott’s Spofford’s ‘Amber Gods’ Revisited.” ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance 50.4 (2004): 233-67. [published June, 2006]
“’Suckled by the sea:’ The Maternal in Moby-Dick,” in Melville and Women. Ed. Elizabeth Schultz and Haskell Springer. Kent, OH: Kent State UP, 2006.181-98.
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“Matas, Carol” in The Continuum Encyclopedia of Young Adult Literature. Ed. Beatrice Cullinan and Bonnie Kunzel. New York and London: Continuum, 2005
“Sheppard, Mary C.” in The Continuum Encyclopedia of Young Adult Literature. Ed. Beatrice Cullinan and Bonnie Kunzel. New York and London: Continuum, 2005

BORDO, Jonathan (Cultural Studies)
Drift (Catalogue Essay) Sally Thurlow Canoe Dreamings A Sculptural Exhibition 2006-2008 Montreal: ABC Art Books 2006.
The Wasteland – An Essay on Manufactured Landscapes, Material Culture Review 63 (Spring 2006). pp. 89-95.

BUDDLE, Melanie (History)
“You have to think like a man and act like a lady’: Businesswomen in British Columbia, 1920-1980,” BC Studies 151 (Autumn 2006).

CAZORLA-SANCHEZ, Antonio (History)
Book. (Ed.) Condenado a muerte (1939-1941). Valencia: Historia Social, 2006.

Encyclopaedia entry. “Iberia and Canada”, “Spain and World War I”, “Spain and World War II”, Iberia and the Americas: Culture, Politics and History. ABC-CLIO, 2005.

CHIVERS, Sally  (Canadian Studies, English Literature)
“Baby Jane Grew Up: The Dramatic Intersection of Age with Disability.” Canadian Review of American Studies 36.2 (2006): 211-227.
“Disability and Film” with Nicole Markotiç. Encyclopedia of Disability. Ed. Gary L. Albrecht. Sage Publications, September 2005. 728-732.
“Disability and Television” with Tiffany Potter. Encyclopedia of Disability. Ed. Gary L. Albrecht. Sage Publications, September 2005. 1547-1551.
“Frailty” Encyclopedia of Disability. Ed. Gary L. Albrecht. Sage Publications, September 2005. 740-741.

“Tod Browning” Encyclopedia of Disability. Ed. Gary L. Albrecht. Sage Publications, September 2005. 206.

CONOLLY, Leonard  (English Literature)
L.W. Conolly, Co-General Editor. The Broadview Anthology of British Literature. 6 vols. Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, 2006.

DELLAMORA, Richard  (Cultural Studies, English Literature)
“Productive Decadence: ‘The Queer Comradeship of Outlawed Thought’: Vernon Lee, Max Nordau, and Oscar Wilde.” New Literary History, 35 (Autumn, 2004): 1-18.

“Vernon Lee’s Moment.” Vernon Lee: Aesthetics, History, and the Victorian Female Intellectual 2003. xxxi + 213]. Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, 2.2 (Summer 2006).

DODGE, Bernadine (ARchivist)
Bernadine Dodge, “Re-imag(in)ing the past,” Rethinking History 10:3 (2006), pp. 345-367.

DUNAWAY, Finis (History)
Natural Visions: The Power of Images in American Environmental Reform (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005), 272 pp.
“Hetch Hetchy and the Meanings of American Conservation,” Reviews in American History 34 (June 2006): 214-221.
“Reframing the Last Frontier: Subhankar Banerjee and the Visual Politics of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,” American Quarterly 58 (March 2006): 159-180.

“The Ecological Sublime,” Raritan 25 (November 2005): 78-97.

ELBL, Ivana (History)
Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 12, Issue 2 (Winter 2004-5). 267 pp. Co-editor: Martin Elbl.
“Portugal, Brazil and the Atlantic World,” ed. J. Michael Francis. Iberia and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History: A Multisiciplinary Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2006), 29-40.

“Monarchs of Portugal,” ed. J. Michael Francis. Iberia and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History: A Multidisciplinary Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2006), 720-724.

(Ancient History & Classics)
“Recent Work at Alahan”, for Festschrift for Hayat Erkanal, ed. Günel, S., (Istanbul, Homer Kitabevi, 2006), 310-316.
“Göksu Archaeological Project 2002-2004”, ArasIrma SonuçlarI ToplantIsI 23.1 (Ankara, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2006), 331-342.

“Warfare and the Military in the Age of Constantine” in The Cambridge Companion to Constantine, ed. N. Lenski (Cambridge: CUP, 2006), 325-346.

FINDON, Joanne (English Literature)
Invited overview article, “Literature, Irish,” in Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia, edited by Margaret Schaus (New York: Routledge, 2006): 480-482.
“Scathach of Skye and Aífe of Alba” in the Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2006): 313.

FOX, Michael (Environmental &  Resource Studies, Biology)
Velez, L.A., M.G. Fox, and R.L. McLaughlin. 2006. Characterization of elasticity patterns of North American freshwater fishes. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 63: 2050-2066.
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GALLAGHER, Finn   (English Literature)
Review of Paul Mason, Battered Soles (Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, 2005) in Catholic New Times (September 11, 2005), 17.
Review of Diarmuid O’Murchu, Quantum Theology: Spiritual Implications of the New Physics (New York: Crossroad, 2006) in CNT (October 23, 2005), 17.
“The Servility of the Sycophants,” CNT (November 20, 2005), 10.

“Effusing about Opus Dei”, a review of John L. Allen, Jr., Opus Dei: An Objective Look Behind the Myth and Realities of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church (New York: Doubleday 2005) in CNT (February 12, 2006), 18

GARCIA SANCHEZ, Franklin (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Max Aub. Fábulas de vanguardia y Ciertos cuentos mexicanos. Obras Completas. Relatos I, vol. IV-A. Edición crítica, studio introductorio y notas por Franklin García Sánchez. Valencia: Biblioteca Valenciana (Generalitat Valenciana, Conselleria de Cultura, Educació i Esport), 2006, 472pp.

GRAVES, Michael (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Review of Carsten Strathausen’s The Look of Things: Poetry and Vision around 1900 in Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies, Vol. XLII, No. 1, February 2006. 84-85.

HAGMAN, Roy (Modern Languages & Literatures)
“The Problematic Interface between Writing and Speech.” LACUS Forum XXXI, Houston: Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States, 2005, pp. 235-242.

HOBBS, Marg (Women’s Studies)
Reprint: Hobbs, Margaret and Ruth Roach Pierson. “When is a Kitchen Not a Kitchen?” Reprinted in Andrea Medovarski and Brenda Cranney, eds. Canadian Woman Studies: An Introductory Reader. Second Edition. Toronto: Inanna Publications, 2006.

HOLLINGER, Veronica  (Cultural Studies)
“‘Prefutural Tension’: Gwyneth Jones’s Gradual Apocalypse.” Daughters of Earth: Twentieth Century Feminist Science Fiction. Ed. Justine Larbalestier. Hanover, NH: Wesleyan UP, 2006. 326-39.
“Donna Haraway” and “Joanna Russ.” The Encyclopedia of Literature and Politics. Ed. M. Keith Booker. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2005. 331-32; 619-20.
“Cyborgs” and “Postmodernism.” The Encyclopedia of Themes in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Ed. Gary Westfahl. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2005. 171-74; 622-24.
Review of Neil Badmington, Alien Chic: Posthumanism and the Other Within (2004), in Science Fiction Studies 32.3 (November 2005): 512-13.

Review of Ximena Gallardo C. and C. Jason Smith, Alien Woman: The Making of Lt. Ellen Ripley, in Science Fiction Studies 32.3 (November 2005): 521-23.

HURL-EAMON, Jennine (History)
Review of Reading Sex in the Eighteenth Century: Books and Gender in English Erotic Culture (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2004) by Karen Harvey, H-Albion, H-Net Reviews, June 2006.

JOHNSTON, Gordon  (English Literature)
“Introduction to The Governor General’s Award for Poetry, 2004: the Finalists,” Ellipse, (Fall/Automne 2005) pp. 54-64. Translation (Sonya Malaborza), pp. 65-76.

JONES, Elwood (History)
Review of Spreading the Gospel in Colonial Virginia: Sermons and Devotional Writings, introduction and notes by Edward L. Bond, Lanham MD, Lexington Books, in association with Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 2004, pp. xvii, 569, in Anglican and Episcopal History.

Review, Richard J. Mouw & Mark A. Noll, eds. Wonderful words of life: hymns in American Protestant history and theology. Grand Rapids MI, Eerdmans, 2004, xx, 288 pp. for Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society, Consultatnt, Pauline Maier, et al, Inventing America: a History of the United States, 2nd edition (NY, Norton, 2006).

JUNYK, Ihor (Cultural Studies)
“The Face of the Nation: State Fetishism and Métissage at the Exposition Internationale, Paris 1937.” Grey Room, issue 23, May 2006, pp.96-120.

KANE, Sean (English Literature)
“Skaay On the Cosmos,” Canadian Literature 188 (Spring 2006): 11-29.

KEEFER, Sarah (English Literature)
The Place of the Cross in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. Catherine E. Karkov, Sarah Larratt Keefer and Karen Jolly. Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies. Woodbridge: Brewer and Boydell, 2006.

LACOMBE, Michele  (Canadian Studies)
“The Cyborg Identities of Oryx and Crake,” in Margaret Atwood: The Open Eye, ed. John Moss and Tobi Kozakewich. Ottawa: University of Ottwa Press, 2006.

MacLEOD, Lewis (English Literature)
“‘Do We Of Necessity Become Puppets in a Story?’ or Narrating The World: On Speech, Silence and Discourse in J.M. Coetzee’s Foe.” Modern Fiction Studies. 52 (2006): 1-18.
“In The (Public) House of the Lord: Pub Ritual and Sacramental Presence in Graham Swift’s Last Orders.” Mosaic. 39.1 (2006): 44-68.
“ ‘Our Lost, Discredited Souls’: Narrating the Masculine Interior in Graham Swift’s Shuttlecock and Ever After.” Critique. 47.4 (2006): 375-388.      
n    MANNING, Paul (Anthropology)
2006.Words and things, goods and services: problems of translation between language and political economy. Language & Communication 26: 3-4, 270-284.
2005. Staging the state and the hypostasization of violence in the medieval Cornish Drama. Cornish Studies 13, 126-169.

2005. Jewish ghosts, Knackers, Tommyknockers, and other sprites of capitalism in the Cornish mines. Cornish Studies 13, 216-255.

McCASKILL, Don  (Indigenous Studies)
“Indigenous Peoples of Southeast Asia: Poverty, Identity and Resistance,” in Indigenous Peoples and Poverty: An International Perspective, edited by, Robyn Eversole, John-Andrew McNeish & Alberto D. Cimadamore (with Jeff Rutherford), London, Zed Bookds, 2005, pp. 235-265.

MIRON, Janet (History)
“‘Open to the Public’: Touring Ontario Asylums in the Nineteenth Century,” in Mental Health and Canadian Society: Historical Perspectives, edited by James E. Moran and David Wright (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2006).

Review, Robert Darby, A Surgical Temptation: The Demonization of Foreskin and the Rise of Circumcision in Britain, in Isis. (September, 2006).

MITCHELL, Orm  (English Literature)
Mitchell: The Life of W.O. Mitchell. The Years of Fame, 1948-1998. Barbara and Ormond Mitchell. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, November 2005. 488 pages.

NEWHOUSE, David (Indigenous Studies, Business Administration)
Hidden in Plain Sight: Aboriginal Contributions to Canada, Vol I (with Dan Beavon and Cora Voyageur), University of Toronto Press, 2005

NORIEGA, Teobaldo (Modern Languages & Literatures)
“Muelle de Caballería, de César Leante: Peregrino es el hombre”, La Casa de Asterión. Vol. VII, No. 25 (2006).
“El Quijote de Unamuno: una lectura apasionadamente humana”. Lectores del Quijote 1605-2005. Bogotá. Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. 2005. 99-122

“Caballero de la Fe”. Autores del Quijote. Bogotá. Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. 2005. 41-45

O’MANIQUE, Colleen  (Women’s Studies, Politics)
Neoliberalism and AIDS Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Globalization’s Pandemic. Basingstoke: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2004.
The Securitization’ of AIDS: A Critical Feminist Lens, Policy and Society 24 (1) 2005. Pp. 24-48.

Global Neo-liberalism and AIDS Policy: International Responses to Africa’s Pandemic. Studies in Political Economy, Spring/Summer 2004. Pp. 47-68

PALMER, Bryan (Canadian Studies)
“Left History on the Middle Ground,” Left History, 11 (Spring 2006): 47-57.
“CSI Labor History: Haymarket and the Forensics of Forgetting,” Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, 3 (March 2006), 25-36.
“Maurice Spector, James P. Cannon, and the Origins of Canadian Trotskyism,” Labour/Le Travail, 56 (Fall 2005): 91-148.
“White Niggers of America,” Literary Review of Canada, 14 (January - February 2006); 11.

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“Becoming a Left Oppositionist,” Canadian Dimension, 39 (September- October 2006); 56-63.
“The Red Millionaire,” American Communist History, 4 (2005): 108-110 (book review).
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“Fin-de-Siecle Labour History in Canada and the United States: A Case for Tradition,” in Jan Lucassen, ed., Global Labour History: A State of the Art (Bern: Peter Lang, 2006): 195-226.

PANAGIA, Davide (Cultural Studies)
The Poetics of Political Thinking (Duke University Press, 2006).

“Inconsistencies of Character: David Hume on Sympathy, Intensity, and Artifice” in Deleuze and Philosophy, Constantine Boundas, ed. (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2006)

PENNEY, James (Cultural Studies)
The World of Perversion: Psychoanalysis and the Impossible Absolute of Desire. Albany: SUNY Press, 2006.

PETERMAN, Michael   (English Literature)
“Case Study”: “Lost from View: James McCarroll: Journalist, Poet, and Satirist” in The History of the Book in Canada, Vol. 2 (U Toronto P), pp.134-136.

POLLOCK, Zailig  (English Literature)
The Filled Pen: Selected Prose of P.K. Page. Edited with and Introduction and Notes by Zailig Pollock. University of Toronto Press 2006.

RICE, Carla (Women’s Studies)
Larkin, J. & Rice, C. (2006). Harassment and body regulation: Broadening the focus of body image education for girls. In F. Leach & C. Mitchell (Eds.), Combating Gender violence in and around schools—Strategies for change. Stoke on Trent, UK: Trentham Books.
Larkin, J. & Rice, C. (2005). Beyond “Healthy Eating” and “Healthy Weights”: Harassment and the health curriculum in middle school girls. Body Image, 2(3), 219-232.

Rice, C., Zitszelsberger, H., Porch, W., & Ignagni, E. (2005). Envisioning new meanings of disability and difference. International Journal of Narrative Counselling and Community Work, 3 & 4, 119-130.

SAGARRA, Catalina (Modern Languages & Literatures)
« Le point de vue intersticiel comme espace de subversion dubitative. Riwan ou le chemin de sable de Ben Kugul » in Identité et altérité dans les littératures francophones, Dalhousie French Studies, Vol. 74-75, spring-Summer 2006, p. 215-236.
« Le faire d’un dire testimonial : une analyse sémiologique d’un logos témoignant sur le génocide rwandais », XXVIe Colloque International d’Albi Langues et Signification « La vengeance et ses discours », Centre Pluridisciplinaire de sémiolinguistique Textuelle de l’Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail et du C.A.L.S, 2006. Web site page :

Poetry : « Vientos de locura », poems in Spanish, published in Locura y Éxtasis en las letras y artes hispanicas, New-York, Asociacion de Licenciados y Doctores Espanoles en los Estados Unidos (ALDEEU), 2005, p. 249-254.

SANGSTER, Joan (History, Women’s Studies)
Robitnystia and the Porcupinism Debate: Reassessing Ethnicity, Gender and Class in Early Canadian Communism, Labour/Le Travail, v. 56 Fall 2005, 51-89.
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SHEININ, David (History)
Sheinin, David. Argentina and the United States: An Alliance Contained University of Georgia Press, July 2006.
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Review of Yankee No! Anti-Americanism in US-Latin American Relations, Alan McPherson. International History Review. Vol. 27, no. 2 (2005): 439-441.

SIENA, Kevin (History)
Kevin Siena (ed.) Sins of the Flesh: Responding to Sexual Disease in Early Modern Europe (Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2005) [published 12/05]
“Introduction” in Kevin Siena (ed.) Sins of the Flesh: Responding to Sexual Disease in Early Modern Europe (Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2005), pp. 7-29

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STAPLETON, Tim (History)
No Insignificant Part: The Rhodesia Native Regiment in the East African Campaign of the First World War Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2006,  188 pp.
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STEFFLER, Margaret   (English Literature)
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STRUTHERS, James (Canadian Studies)
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THOMAS, Yves (Modern Languages & Literatures)
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TROMLY, Fred (English Literature)
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WALDEN, Keith (History)
Book Review: Allan Levine, The Devil in Babylon: Fear of Progress and the Birth of Modern Life (Toronto: 2005) in Canadian Historical Review 87, 2 (June 2006), 343-344.

WERNICK, Andrew (Cultural Studies)
‘University’, Theory, Culture & Society (Special issue: Problematising Global Knowledge), 2006 23: 557-563, May 2006.
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WRIGHT, Robert (History)
Three Night in Havana: Pierre Trudeau, Fidel Castro and the Cold War World. Toronto: Harper Collins (2006).
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WURTELE, Susan (Geography)
Wurtele, Susan and Jill Ritchie. (2005). Healthy Travel, Healthy Environments: Integrating Youth and Child Perspectives into Local Municipal Transportation Planning. Children, Youth and Environments 15(2): 356-370.