Trails in Trent University’s Nature Areas

1. Lady Eaton Drumlin Nature Trail

Location:  The trail entrance is on the west side of the road approximately 100m north of Blackburn Hall entrance at Trent University. There is a sign at the southern base of the trail.

Length:  1 km

Description:  This rocky, dirt trail is a steep climb up and down the drumlin. The top of the drumlin offers a spectacular view of the Trent University campus and surrounding area. Formed more than 10,000 years ago by melting ice sheets depositing glacial till, the Lady Eaton Drumlin is one of 3,000 drumlins in the Peterborough area. Be sure to visit in the fall when colours create an especially spectacular site.

2. Promise Rock Nature Trail

Location:  From Peterborough take River Road north of Trent University to Trent-Severn Waterway Lock 22. Access is gained via a lane entrance at the east side of River Road opposite the Lock 22 picnic area parking lot.

Length:  2.4km

Description:  This trail consists of an overgrown rail bed and wooded loop trail leading to the famous "Promise Rock", a large, flat-topped limestone outlier deposited at the end of the last ice age. This rock was once a part of Cub Scout initiation ceremonies. Natural features include a stand of 100 year old white pine and hemlock trees. Beware, poison ivy is common in this area.


3. Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Trail

Location:  The entrance is located on the eastern side of University Road, south of Nassau Mills Road. There are signs and a parking lot. Can also be accessed via the baseball diamond field on the south side of Pioneer Road, just east of Nassau Mills Road.

Length:  Blue Trail - 2.9km

     Yellow Trail - 2.4km

     Red Trail - 1.9km

Description:  This is a great spot to enjoy the diversity of nature and the wildlife that can be found in each of the various habitats. The Blue Trail takes you through the most diverse range of habitats - lowland forest, wetlands and upland fields. The Yellow Trail loops along an upland route with several slopes to climb. The Red Trail is short, easy and flat and takes you through lowland forest and along the edge of a wetland.

4. Canal Nature Trail

Location: The entrance is located opposite the parking lot to the Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Area, on the west side of University Road.

Description: The longer Blue Trail loops south, passing at parts along the side of the Trent Canal. The Yellow Trail is shorter and passes through more of the inland of the Nature Area.

For more detailed, up to date information, as well as to access free maps: contact the Trent-Fleming Trail Studies Unit at (705) 748-1011 ext. 1419, email us (contacts listed on homepage), or visit us in the Environmental Sciences Building, room B204, at Trent University.


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