Trail Studies Unit Projects




Current Projects:

  • Website and archive update

Past Projects:


  • Trails, Trail Users and Trail Management in the Northumberland County Forest, Ontario (2007-2008)


-Map the trails in the Northumberland Forest using GPS and GIS
      -Measure the environmental characteristics of the trails and the impact of user
      -Undertake a survey of trail users to determine their characteristics, activities and attitudes
      -Provide a management plan for trails and their users to protect the environment, eliminate conflicts,
       and ensure high quality recreation on a sustainable basis


  • University, College and Stakeholder Linkage (2007):



-Investigate the research, teaching and other activities concerning trails undertaken by universities and colleges
-Investigate the use trail owners, managers and users have made of universities and colleges

-Recommend means for increased cooperation between universities, colleges and trail stakeholders for their mutual benefit

-Provide a manual and interactive website to facilitate such cooperation


  • Developing and maintaining a resource center which now has over 3000 references on trail research.


  • Research on the environmental impact of activities on trails.


  • Completing and publishing a Guide to the Nature Areas and Trails of the Symons Campus.


  • Consulting work for the Ontario Trails Strategy, which is part of the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion’s Active2010 project. 


o     Click here for more information on this project



  • Trail User Code of Ethics (2006) – For the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion


  • Research for Haliburton Trails and Tours on best practices for involving volunteers in trail management, as well as methods for calculating the economic impact of trail users.


  • Analyzing the Victoria Rail Trail User Survey for the City of Kawartha Lakes Health For Life Agency.



  • Program planning, development, and administration of interpretation services in Trent’s Nature Areas.



  • Trail planning and development in Peterborough and in Trent University’s Nature Areas.


  • An updated version of the trails map for Trent’s Nature Areas was recently completed.


  • Major overhaul of the bibliographic system we use to organize our library of trail resources. The new software has arrived. We will be transferring this data to a much improved bibliographic system, and beginning to make the many changes and updates that are needed in order to better serve those who wish to access TSU resources.




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