Condensed Matter Theory at Trent

Bill Atkinson & Rachel Wortis


New graduate program in Materials Science

Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Dr. H. Chen (current)

Dr. Y. Song (former)

Graduate Students.
S. Bulut (current) (link to webpage)

T. Lu (former)

Nearby Departments.
Queen's University

McMaster University
University of Toronto

Active and Recent Collaborations.

  • Peter Hirschfeld (University of Florida): Disorder Effects in High Temperature Superconductors.

  • Bob Gooding (Queen's University): Disorder effects in strongly correlated materials.

  • Jeff Sonier (Simon Fraser): Vortex core expansion in YBCO.

  • Claude Bourbonnais (Sherbrooke): Renormalization group methods in organic superconductors.

High Performance Computing.

At Trent
At the HPCVL
At Sharcnet

Recent Publications and Preprints.

  1. The geometrically-averaged density of states as a measure of localization, Yun Song, W. A. Atkinson, and R. Wortis, preprint.

  2. Calculated NMR T_2 relaxation due to vortex vibrations in cuprate superconductors, T. Lu and R. Wortis, to be published in Physical Review B. preprint.

  3. Many-impurity effects in Fourier transform scanning tunneling spectroscopy, O. Kodra and W. A. Atkinson, Physical Review B 73, art. # 045404 (2006).

  4. Local density of states of a d-wave superconductor with inhomogeneous antiferromagnetic correlations, W. A. Atkinson, Physical Review B, 71, art. # 024516 (2005) (10 pages).

Trent Physics
Trent University

High Performance Computing: We currently have a Beowulf cluster for code development and for small scale simulations. Large scale modeling with mature code is being done at Sharcnet and HPCVL.

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