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Raul Ponce-Hernandez


Rory Coughlan

As a social psychologist, I am interested in interpersonal communication as well as all mediated communication between organizations and individuals. In this regard the investigation of the influences of perceived power differentials upon the communicative situation has been an ongoing interest. Most of my empirical work has focused on communications in health settings and in particular patient/client and clinician interactions in addition to patient experiences with health institutions and relationships. My interests also include the investigation of the social determinants of health and health promotion strategies. Patient groups that have been of particular interest in research to date have included seniors and new mothers. I tend towards the use of qualitative methodology, in particular grounded theory and institutional ethnographical approaches, to more fully explore the underlying meaning creation strategies and problematic areas in health services settings.

I am a very recent graduate at the University of Victoria but during the completion of my doctoral studies in psychology I also worked as a consultant with the British Columbia Ministry of Health and Capital Health Region in Victoria. In these positions I was able to be involved with assessing the impact of several programs on both users and providers of health services in the province and region. I intend to continue to focus on health communication and promotion with a particular emphasis on the use of technology. I hope my experiences in the investigation and evaluation of health service programs will be of practical use in the slightly different climate of Ontario.

Recent articles include:

Stephenson, P.H., Wolfe, N.K., Coughlan, R. & Koehn, S. (1999) A methodological discourse on gender, independence and frailty: Applied dimensions of identity construction in old age. Aging and Society, 13, 4, 1-11
Mullett, J., & Coughlan, R. (1998) Clinicians' and seniors' views of Reference Based Pricing: Two sides of a coin. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 17, 3
Brunt, J. H., Hopkinson, J., Chappell, N., Maclure, M., Mullett, J., McCormack, J., Rango, R., Thompson, M. & Coughlan, R. (1996) Seniors Drug Focus Project: Report of Findings from Cycle One. School of Nursing/Centre on Aging, University of Victoria, B. C. Canada

Current Affiliations

Centre for Community Health Promotion, University of Victoria
Centre on Ageing, University of Victoria

Associated University Courses

Health psychology
Social psychology





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