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Raul Ponce-Hernandez

Mark W. Skinner

Specializing in Health Geography, my research explores connections between the processes and outcomes of health care restructuring, the contemporary challenges facing the voluntary sector, and the provision of health and social care in the community. My recent and on-going work in Ontario scrutinizes the unanimous endorsement of volunteerism as part of the restructuring health system. It does so in light of the geographically uneven and under-researched experiences of change among non-profit organizations, community groups and volunteers in rural and small town settings. My work contributes to several research areas including health geography, rural health, voluntary sector studies, public policy and long-term care.


Prior to my appointment at Trent University, I held a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Guelph, where I was also awarded a CIHR Strategic Research Training Fellowship in Health Care, Technology and Place. I completed my PhD in Geography at Queen’s University in 2005 and I currently teach undergraduate courses in geographical methods and philosophy of geography. My professional memberships include the Canadian Association of Geographers, the Canadian Rural Health Research Society, and the International Society for Third-Sector Research.


Recent health-related publications:


Skinner, M.W. and M.W. Rosenberg, (in press). Managing competition in the countryside: non-profit and for-profit perceptions of long-term care in rural Ontario. Social Science & Medicine.


Cloutier-Fisher, D. and M.W. Skinner, 2006. Levelling the playing field? exploring the implications of managed competition for voluntary sector providers of long-term care in small town Ontario. Health & Place, 12(1), 97-109.


Skinner, M.W., 2006. Building rural health research connections between British Columbia and Ontario. In R. Halseth, G. Halseth, N. Hanlon, A. Ostry and A. Angiulli (eds.), Integrated Study of the Social Dimensions of Rural Health: Proceedings from the CIHR New Emerging Team for Health in Rural and Northern BC (NETHRN-BC) 16 November Conference, University of Northern BC, Prince George, pp. 4-18.


Skinner, M.W. and M.W. Rosenberg, 2006. Informal and voluntary care in Canada: caught in the Act? In C. Milligan and D. Conradson (eds.), Landscapes of Voluntarism: New Spaces of Health, Welfare and Governance, The Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 91-113.


Rosenberg, M.W., M.W. Skinner, S.A. Lovell, J.C. Everitt, N. Hanlon and T.A. Rathwell, 2005. Aging across Canada: do small towns really care about their seniors? In C. Palagiano and D. G. De Santis (eds.), Geografia dell’alimentazione, atti dell’Ottavo Seminario Internazionale de Geografia Medica, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, Edizioni RUX, Perugia, pp. 795-812.


Skinner, M.W. and M.W. Rosenberg, 2005. Co-opting voluntarism? exploring the implications of long-term care reform for the nonprofit sector in Ontario. Environment & Planning C: Government & Policy, 23 (1), 101-121.


Skinner, M.W., A.E. Joseph, and R.G. Kuhn, 2003. Social and environmental regulation in rural China: bringing the changing role of local government into focus. Geoforum, 34(2), 267-281.


Skinner, M.W. and M.W. Rosenberg, 2002. Health Care in Rural Communities: Exploring the Development of Informal and Voluntary Care. SEDAP Research Paper No. 79, Program for Research on the Social and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population (SEDAP), McMaster University, Hamilton, 63 pgs (available at: http://socserv2.mcmaster.casedap).






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