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Leslie Kerr

I am a behavioral neuroscientist whose preclinical research investigates the influence of stress and coping on physiological mechanisms underlying illness and disease. Specifically, my research examines how stressors influence physiological and cellular mechanisms involved in mammary gland development, cancer growth and chemotherapeutic efficacy. To date, my research has been preclinical, that is, conducted using infrahumans (mice and rats) and the stressors used were either more physical (slight footshock) or physical and psychological (e.g. odour of a conspecific, social housing, maternal care). My current research is funded by internally allocated CIHR (Canadian Institutes for Health) operating grants. In addition to her formal research training at the university level, I worked for one year between my B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies at Health and Welfare Canada (Toxicology Division) as a research technician on a project studying the effects of on-toxic levels of lead and mercury on sight, hearing, somatotopic sensations in adult male and female macaque cynomologus monkeys. I am a member of the Society for Neuroscience and the American Association for Cancer Research.

Current Research Projects:

Influences of hormonal alterations due to neonatal handling and maternal separation on the development of normal mammary glands in female mice: environment-gene interactions. (CIHR, pending)
Effects of a high-fat diet on OB-R, AR and PSA protein expression in prostate and testes of aged Long-Evan rats. (CIHR, internal)
Courses Taught at Trent University:
PSYC 227H -- Introduction to Learning
PSBI 375H -- Principles of the Nervous System
BIOL -- Reading Courses
PSCY -- Reading Courses
BIOL 484H -- Neuroendocrinology





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