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Raul Ponce-Hernandez


Jim Jury

Our research group is presently carrying out research on applying new computer technology to enhancing the resolution of medical gamma cameras used for human diagnostic imaging. Specifically, we are working with a group at the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne to model and then to build a prototype of a device to increase the spatial resolution of a medical gamma camera from the present 5 -8 mm to about 2-3 mm. This will allow individual blood vessels in the brain to be imaged in real time.
This same research will be applied to the detectors used in SPECT and PET medical imaging. In these cases our development will permit reduced gamma ray "pile-up" and will therefore permit significant lower radiation exposure to the patients.

Members of the group:
Faculty: J.W. Jury, R.T. Hurley, R.P. Rassool (Conjunct), M.N. Thompson (Conjunct)
Grad Students: C. Hourie, D. McCallum
NSERC R.A.: M. Asseldonk

total annual funding all sources: $65 000

Funding bodies:
NSERC IOG, NSERC USRA, Trent Research Committee, operating funds from the University of Melbourne
we are applying for an NSERC Strategic Research Grant in 2003 ($1.1 million)

Recent papers:
J.W. Jury, "Innovation in Medical Imaging", Proceedings of the 2002 International Physics Summer School, University of Melbourne, December 2002.
C. Hourie, "Pile-up Reduction in Medical Imaging" paper submitted to the April 14th Science Symposium, Trent University 2003





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