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In 2003/04, the Institute sponsored its Second Annual Health Studies Day on Thursday, January 29, 2004 at Trent University. As with last year, the program comprised presentations by researchers in a wide range of areas, and was open to the public.

In October 2004, Dr. David Healy, Director of the Centre for Psychological Medicine at the North Wales College of Medicine, University of Wales, spoke on how the pharmaceutical industry shapes our perceptions and experiences of mental health and illness. Dr. Healy has published several books including The Antidepressant Era, The Creation of Psychopharmacology, and Let Them Eat Prozac.

In November 2004, as part of this year's Seminar Series called Physician's Perspectives, Dr. Garry Humphreys, Peterborough's Medical Officer of Health, revealed some interesting ideas on how to manage the doctor shortage in Peterborough.

In early December 2004, Rebecca Martell, who is a member of the National Advisory Committee on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and a member of the Waterhen First Nation, gave a remarkable portrayal of her community development work and her own, very personal experience of raising a child with fetal alcohol syndrome.

On March 25, as part of the Physician's Perspectives Seminar Series, Dr. Paul Jaconello spoke about Practicing Complementary Medicine in a Conventional Climate.  Dr. Jaconello runs the Centre for Nutritional and Preventative Medicine in Toronto, and he has had great success in treating environmental and lifestyle related chronic illnesses by deploying complementary therapies.





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