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Raul Ponce-Hernandez


Bradley White

B.Sc. (Nottingham), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Canada Research Chair in Conservation Genetics

Selected Recent Publications

Malik, S., M.W. Brown, S.D. Kraus, and B.N. White. 2000. Analysis of mitochondrial DNA diversity within and between North and South Atlantic right whales. Marine Mammal Science 16: 545-558.

Marcinko-Kuhn, M., J. Minor, and B.N. White. 1999. A molecular examination of hybridization between cattail special Typha latifolia and Typha angustifolia using RAPD and chloroplast DNA markers. Molecular Ecology 8: 1981-1990.

Murray, B.W., R. Michaud, and B.N. White. 1999. Allelic and haplotype variation of Major Histocompatibility Complex class II DRBI and DQB loci in the St. Lawrence beluga ( Delphinapterus leucas ). Molecular Ecology 8: 1127-1159.

Research Interests

Integrating ecological field data and individual organism DNA profiles in geographic data bases; extensive field data and DNA samples: beluga whale, North Atlantic right whale, Ontario canid populations, moose and white-tailed deer; DNA profiles to wildlife forensic cases.





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