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Spreadsheet Models

Although these models are provided as "freeware", in fairness to the developers, the funding agencies and partners, and to all users, they are copyright. License agreements are accessible through the individual model descriptions.

These spreadsheets are working versions of the models intended to allow rapid scientific advancement and are therefore all considered to be "Beta" versions. They are being converted to the more stable, easy-to-use Windows format. We can not guarantee that these spreadsheets will function on other platforms or in other software than that which was used in their development. We do not have the resources to assist users to solve problems caused by differences in software, and not by the model.

The macros in these spreadsheets contain the equations behind the model and intentionally are locked to prevent changes. For questions about the equations used, please consult the publication listed in the model description.

Thank you for your cooperation and your interest in our models.

Spreadsheet Models

  • CEMC SFU AGRO Model Version 1.20 Released September 2007

  • ChemSCORER Version 1.00 Released July 2002

  • High-Resolution Multi-Species Model Version 4.1 Released July 2003

  • Standard Multi-Species Model Version 1.0 Released July 2003

  • New EQC Model Version 1.01 Released November 2012

  • PBPK Version 1.00 Released January 2003

  • QWASI Spreadsheet Model Version 1.00 Released November 2012

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