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New EQC Model

Version 1.00 - August 2011

The New EQC model is a spreadsheet version of the EQuilibrium Criterion model including a number of new features:

  • The model is now compiled as an Excel spreadsheet rather than as software. The equations and certain parameters are locked, but all equations can be reviewed. This enables the model to be interfaced with sensitivity analysis software such as Oracle Crystal BallŪ software.

  • Rather than specific inputs for Type 1, 2 and 3 chemicals all chemicals are now defined by user-input partition coefficients, some of which may be zero. The model gives identical results to that of the original EQC if the same partitioning and half life information is entered.

  • To aid the user, a worksheet is included to assist and document the estimation of partition coefficients from fundamental physical chemical properties (e.g., solid-water partition coefficients from the organic carbon (OC) partition coefficient and OC content of the solids, or aerosol-water partition coefficients from the melting point and liquid vapour pressure, etc.)

  • All input data are summarized in a single sheet. Space is provided to document data sources, the perceived accuracy of input values, notes or comments. This information is useful when the model output is examined by a third party.

  • A worksheet is included to enable the input data on partition coefficients and reaction half-lives to be adjusted to a desired temperature using activation energies and phase-change enthalpies.

  • A narrative output is available that refers to tables of input and output data and describes in general terms the output, especially the compartment distributions and the residence times as a function of mode of entry. This should be of value to users who are not familiar with the details of the model simulations, but want to generate a summary output giving a general statement of likely chemical fate.

    This spreadsheet based tool requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later.

    Please read the New EQC LICENSE before downloading this spreadsheet tool. Use of the spreadsheet tool constitutes your agreement to abide by the terms and conditions set out in the license agreement.


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