The Canadian

Centre for Environmental Modelling and Chemistry

Level III Model

Version 2.80

Bug Report

The following problems or errors have been noted for Version 2.80.

  • If the area of the water is set to the area of the air, i.e., there is no soil, an error occurs and the program will shut down. To avoid this problem, enter an area for water very similar, but not equal to, the area of the air.

  • There is a typographical error in the chemical database as provided. The melting point of benzene should be 5.53, not 5.35. However, the model is NOT a source for physical chemical properties. The entries in the database can be modified therefore it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the values are correct by consulting a reference such as the following.

    Mackay, D., Shiu, W.Y., Ma, K.C. 2000. Physical-Chemical Properties and Environmental Fate and Degradation Handbook. CRCnetBASE 2000, Chapman & Hall CRCnetBASE, CRC Press LLC., Boca Raton, FL. (CD-ROM.)

  • There is a typographical error in the Model Overview (Help - General Program Information). It should read, "Intermedia transport processes (e.g. wet deposition, and sedimentation) are included in the Level III model."

    These will be corrected shortly.

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    Last updated August 12, 2011.