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State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

Varian 3800 GC and 4000 'Titan' MS  

Varian CP-3800 GC

  • sample introduction: 1079 splitless and 1177 split-splitless injectors, combipal autosampler
  • analyses of polar and non-polar analytes
  • sub-ambient temperature, cryogenic GC for analyses of very volatile cmpds
  • sampling of, for example, O2 content in sludge or O2 solubility in fluoroalkane
  • headspace analyses - for determination of air-water partitioning, liquid vapour pressures
  • headspace prepartion station with agitation and heat
  • large range of working temperatures
  • Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) – for determination of KOW, KOA, KAW, vapour pressures
  • Chromatoprobe – for determination of Kair-solid , KOA
  • allows direct injection of sludge or other “dirty” samples into the device and measure of degassing of volatiles directly at variable temperatures
  • ECD and MS detection

  • Varian 4000 'Titan' MS  

    Varian 4000 Ion Trap MS

  • Mass range: 10-1000u in 0.1u steps; scan range is time programmable throughout the run; n Mass resolution: unit mass resolution; n Scan rate: 5000-10000 u/sec; n Mass axis stability: ± 0.1u over 72 hr
  • Scan Modes:
    Time programmable: in all modes during the analytical run; n Full scan; n Selected Ion Storage (SIS): stores up to six ranges of ions; n MS/MS: using non-resonant or frequency modulated resonant CID
  • Ionization: Electron impact ionization; Positive and negative chemical ionization with gaseous or liquid CI reagents; Internal and external ionization sources
  • Mass Specrometry techniques including: MSn, SIS, SRM
  • Detection:
    Detector: off-axis design, ± 10 kV HED and electron multiplier
    n Linear dynamic range: 103 to 104, compound-dependent based upon mode of operation and analytical methods

  • Varian 3600 FT-IR  

    Varian 3600 FT-IR

  • Cryogenically cooled, MCT high sensitivity detector
  • Long path IR gas cell
    Maximum pathlength greater than 16m
  • High throughput
  • Used to determine (examples):
    Vapour pressure
    Air-water partitioning – e.g. cloud interior conditions
    Atmospheric chemistry reactions

  • Additional Instrumentation - jointly held through the WWQC at Trent University

  • Varian (Unity Inova) 500 Mhz LC-NMR
  • Micromass (Q-ToF) LC-MS/MS
  • Micromass (Quattro) LC-MS/MS
  • MDS Sciex (Q-Trap) LC-MS/MS
  • Varian (Saturn) GC-MS/MS

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