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Dr. Don Mackay

Ph.D. (Glasgow)

Director Emeritus

Centre for Environmental Modelling and Chemistry

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Research Interests:

The major focus has been the development and evaluation of mass balance models which describe the fate of chemicals in the environment. Applications include the phenomena of bioaccumulation in food chains, prediction of the fate of contaminants in the Great Lakes and in regions of Canada and the U.S. and estimates of the global distribution of chemicals, especially their tendancy to condense in cold climates such as the Canadian Arctic. There has also been some effort toward the correlation of the physico-chemical properties of contaminants.


Publications from 1960 through to the present day are listed.

Positions Held:

Director Emeritus of the Canadian Centre for Environmental Modelling and Chemistry

Professor Emeritus Trent University

NSERC / Industry Research Chair, 1995-2005

Professor Emeritus University of Toronto

Faculty member in the
The Applications of Modelling in the Natural and Social Sciences and Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Programs at Trent University


Don Mackay retired as a full time faculty member at Trent in July 2002 and from his Directorship of the CEMC in April of 2007. He continues to participate in research activities at the CEMC, writing papers and books on environmental chemistry in general and modelling in particular, but at a reduced rate.


Awards received since 1983 are listed with a short biography.

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